Learn to read the Lenormand Cards like a professional using Britta´s home study course!






Fortune telling using cards is a tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation for centuries. Even nowadays it plays an important role in the lives of many people. In fact, more and more people are turning to this traditional art in order to look
for help and consolation in daily life.  Britta´s Lenormand-Cards are an exclusive deck
combining this ancient tradtion with the fine artwork of German artist A. Menze


Being a fortune teller myself, I see my task in my life in helping those who come to me
looking for advice. This is a tradition I would like to pass on to all those of you who
are willing to do the same.


In order to make learning fun and give you quick results. I have written an extensive
number of textbooks and had them translated into the following languages:


English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, English/German, Français/Allemand


Take it easy with my step-by-step course: Basic and  Advanced.

I hope you will enjoy reading and working with my books and cards. I certainly had
a lot of fun writing them.


Best wishes,



Customer reviews:

Nathalie S.

I received your books faster then I would have expected. The material is easy to understand and fun. It is clearer and more useful than the books I have read on the subject so far. I couldn't let it down! You have produced high quality material. You responded quickly to my interrogations and were very nice. Now that I have gone through your books I appreciate the Lenormand cards even more! I'm glad I found you on the web. I highly recommend your course and exam, and I wish you well.

Robert A.

I received your ebooks and started to learn them, they are great! I never came across such wonderful work! I am learning so much from you with every page! I hope that the ebooks I ordered are all what ypu wrote in this field. If you think I missed some books plz look at my previous orders and let me know if there other books written by you so that I can order. Last but not least; do you also teach or give courses to people personally? and if the answer is yes could you tell me when and how to join? Thank you

Ramona K.

wanted to learn how to read the Lenormand cards for a long time. I have several books on the subject, but I felt overwhelmed and frustrated with my lack of progress. Then I discovered Britta's courses. I was nervous about purchasing courses from another country, but after I received my first course I knew this was what I had been looking for. Britta's style of teaching makes you feel like she is next to you guiding you through each lesson. It is obvious to me that Britta has put her heart and soul into each page. Even though I have never met Britta, she feels like a friend who really cares about my journey and study with the Lenormand cards. Britta, thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge.

Max F.

I have finally found the time to thank you for your lovely books and to let you know how impressed I am by the easy and well-arranged method and the heart warming and entertaining style.

I would hardly see them as “normal boring” textbooks, in fact they are fun to read.

I have been interested in cartomancy for many years now and have purchased numerous books by various authors, which may contain a lot of text, but did not prove to be very helpful at all. (…)

Learning with you is learning with fun!