All the pretty Crystals

When I lay the cards, I am usually quite happy with the answers I get. A typical Lenormand Fortune Card set consists of 36 cards, which leaves ample room for combinations and interactions. Also, the statements the cards make are pretty clear and distinctive, so it is not difficult for me to find the answers to the questions in my life.


There are, however, times, when I enter a spiritual shop and am, once again, faced with this wide array of devices you can buy in order to find out more about your future, your love, your family, your life.


There are healing crystals, usually more than I can remember the names of, magic candles, pendulums and spiritual pendants, dozens of things which look like everyday items, only with the flower of life printed on it, and tons of other interesting stuff.


From time to time, I take one of these thing home to see whether or not it can help me gain additional information from my Lenormand Cards, or if there is any other way of incorporating them into my spiritual routine.

I have therefore been toying with the idea of creating a blog as a forum for all those interesting esoteric  and spiritual devices.



I am mainly considering purchasing a few of those items, putting them to the test (especially as far as my Lenormand-Card routine is concerned) and letting you know about my experiences. Especially since there are not only new items, but also new techniques and routines around.




Obviously, I would love to hear from you and find out what interests you the most, as I am writing this blog for you as my readers and fellow cartomancers.




So, whenever you come across a new routine or technique that interests you, please let me know. In case there is no comment section available ( I know, I am no computer-heroess, a lot of these fomats are still a little difficult for me to handle), you can always email me, but please, please, please, be so kind as to type the word „blog“ into the reference line, otherwise I will get very confused, considering the sheer number of mails I receive every day.




If there is a particular product you would like me to review, I would also be grateful for any link or description you can give me, so that I can find said product easily.


I am looking forward to my first real product review and I sincerely hope you feel the same way!




 Lots of Love