Trying out new Spiritual Devices

                                                                                                 The pendulum


The reason why a pendulum works on its own has to do with gravity. The physicist Léon Focault was the first person to realize that, once put into movement, a pendulum does not just swing back and forth, but also turns sideways. This is caused by the combination of gravity and the rotation of the planet. So much for all those people who believe that a pendulum cannot find a direction on its own.


When a fortune-teller or any other spiritual person uses a pendulum, it works because of another invisible force; Our subconsciousness, a gift handed to us by God, which enables us as sacred beings to know so many things we are not consciously aware of in our daily lives.

 Let’s say, we meet a guy at the market. And, let’s be honest: He’s reasonably hot. He also smiles at us and says hello, which our brain eagerly takes note of. What it decides to ignore and store in an archive box somewhere deep deep down, is the fact that he also pushed the child with the little dog away in order to get served first and threw the exact same smile at any other woman in the shop, who might be a possible target.

 Of course this will come up in the cards, next time we lay them. There will most certainly be a cloud or a rat in one of his interpretation lines, but then these cards are always around , since they are an integral part of the set) and so we may or may not decide to ignore them.


The pendulum, however, cannot be ignored. We already know more about this guy than we are consciously aware of. Also, the cards have given us extra information. The mere fact that this guy has actually shown up in the cards should tell us that he deserves closer attention. And with this little thing we call a gut feeling and a pendulum, we can do just that.

 What do you thnk will happen? If we manage not to lie to ourselves (from time to time, if we are too emotionally overwhelmed, it might even be a good idea to ask someone else to do it for us), the pendulum will swing in a way that is, at best, a little insecure. But this time, there are no other cards in the way, no way around acknowledging the truth.

I own quite a handful of pendulums. My first one was a crystal one, blue agape and a little gold chain. I used to love it, but I also felt it worked better on some topics than it did on others, which might have to do with the crystal’s mineral energy field. After a few more tries I finally settled on a small gold plated brass pendulum on a golden chain.

I am still considering getting a few more in different materials. If you have any experience with other types of crystals or metals, maybe even different shapes and sizes?

Does anyone of you use a wedding ring on a necklace? Or a lucky charm?

 If so, I would love to read about them. Please use the comment function below and leave some information. I am sure, we would all love to know more about it.

 I would love to go on a little haul and purchase a handful of them, so I can try and find out which of them work best with which card set and which topic.


Do I believe the pendulum brings out more truth about the way we really feel? Yes. Do I believe it has powers of its own? No. Certainly not. Like my cards, it is a medium, a doorway to the things I already know. It is a little like wearing a cross around your neck: It will not bring you luck, but it will constantly touch your breastbone and ever so humbly remind you the fact that you have been created special. And this alone is enough to bring out the strength and power in you to make every day your best. Isn’t it wonderful, just how spiritual we all are?


Lots of love