About me - your most asked questions

Dear friends and cartomancers!


I am sure some of you will know that I turned 80 this spring. A long time to be active in all things spiritual, I should say. For decades now you and I have been talking abot the most personal issues, trying to find a solution in the cards. There is not a single question, I should think, that I have not been asked yet, be it love, life or work-related.

 But there have also been numerous private questions you have been asking me time and time again. And some of these questions I would like to answer in this blogpost as well as the following (if you want me to).

I take it, you will understand that I cannot answer questions that would involve or even expose other people. I am not the kind of person to spill the tea. People have to be able to trust me with their questions and problems.


I have therefore decided to answer what appear to be the three most burning questions in today's blogpost. Please feel free to ask me anything you want in the comment section.



 1) Do you actually use the cards when it comes to your own life? If yes, which ones?


Yes, I lay the cards for myself and follow their advice just as I would advise other people to proceed. My cards of choice are the Lenormand-Cards, as you may have already guessed. I usually pick a daily fortune-card every morning and lay out a more elaborate spread when I have a specific question or problem.

There was also a time in my life when I used to calculate all the moon phases, constellations and houses, but I don`t find myself reaching for these charts much these days. The simple moon calendar, which you can find on my website, is really all I look at these days.

 As for the pendulum, I find the weight-on-a-chain-version more useful for anything connected with emotions, whereas quick yes-no-questions are usually answered using the tensor.


All in all, I must say, I spend relatively little time with all my little gadgets, but I make sure, the time I do spend with my cards is quality time.



2) What did you do before you became a fortune-teller?


Although I believe deep down I have always been a fortune-teller, I spent many years of my life working as a fashion- and photomodel.

Believe it or not, I was actually pretty successful and I learned the trade the old-fashion way by attending a modelling-school. I still have some of my old textbooks full of suggested poses and exercises for trim legs and a slender body. Bear in mind that It was the 1960s, so posing was an entirely different thing.

Although I got married and became a mother of two, I kept working as a hairdresser's model for their shows for many years, so even when I was no longer an official fashion model, I still rocked the coolest haircuts in town.



3) What made you want to become a fortune-teller?


I guess I have always been psychic. Even my mother was like that, so I think it just runs in the family. However, I did feel a little lost trying to find my own path amidst a multitude of different techniques and devices. To be perfectly honest, I basically tried everything from tarot cards to astrology, took classes, practised with friends and never really got the hang of things. I was frittering, doing to may things at once, the exact thing I now keep telling my students and customers NOT to do! You should find the one things that is right for you (probably using a pendulum or tensor for this special task) and then stick to it.

And then, one day it happened: I found my calling! A Lenormand-class where I learned to do things step by step, focusing on the interpretation of the cards, on finding a connection between their meanings, card by card, instead of focusing on complicated spreads and systems.

This class was such an eye-opener and lay the foundations for my own system, which I have been teaching and using for decades!


Did you enjoy this little Q % A? If yes, leave a comment below or contact me via mail or my social media channels so I know if you want more of this!


Yours Britta