About me

I was born in Tübingen /Swabia on May 1st. 1939. When I left school, I first started a career as a fashion model, but I soon discovered my strong intuition and spiritual talent.

 It was long after my mother had died that I found out that she, like me, had been involved in fortune telling over many years of her life. Like so many spiritually talented people, I have had this sense for other people's emotional states from my early childhood. 

In fact, people have always trusted me with their problems and made me their agony aunt from the very moment we met. 



Despite a pretty down-to-earth lifestyle, the idea of laying the cards never really left my mind, so one fine day I decided to follow my calling and started consulting all sorts of fortune-tellers, astrologists and healers, but soon realised that my true vocation was in the cards of Madame Lenormand. 


So I took a course in laying the cards and astrology for which I received a diploma. Training in the field of alternative healing methods (such as Bach Flower Remedies and Reiki) soon followed.


When I started my own business as a fortune-teller I was happy to use my talent to help other people in their lives, but I soon realized that I could do more by helping people help themselves, which is why I finally sat down and wrote the first of many books!


Britta' s deck of Madame Lenormand-style destiny cards

with additional time- and future symbols



*14,90 €