28. October 2018
The pendulum The reason why a pendulum works on its own has to do with gravity. The physicist Léon Focault was the first person to realize that, once put into movement, a pendulum does not just swing back and forth, but also turns sideways. This is caused by the combination of gravity and the rotation of the planet. So much for all those people who believe that a pendulum cannot find a direction on its own. When a fortune-teller or any other spiritual person uses a pendulum, it works because...
20. September 2018
Soul Cakes Did you know that the Christian holidays encompassing the three days from All Saint’s Eve (31 October, also known as As Hallow’s Eve or Halloween), All Saint’s day and All Soul’s Day are called Allhallowtide? Traditionally, around this time of the year, so-called soulers would go from door to door and ask for food in return for a song or a prayer fort he dead. Nowadays, the soulers are mostly children and this tradition is mixing with the custom of wassailing around Christmas...
02. September 2018
Welcome to my blog! For some time now I have been toying with the idea of trying out new spiritual devices and resources. Follow me on my journey!
26. August 2018
A blog about Lenormand Cards, Britta's Gipsy Cards, Britta's Mood Cards and Britta's Complementary Cards different types of fortune-telling and exciting new products. Come by soon and watch me try out spreds and test additional methods or devices, such as tensors, complementary cards, healing stones and other gimmicks. Are they really worth the hype or are you being taken for a ride? Please feel free to comment and let me know what I should try or do next! Lots of Love Britta
21. August 2018
Combination are very necessary Combinations are fixed connections of Lenormand among themselves, which must be interpreted in a very specific way. If these maps constellations overlooked in the interpretation - and that happens within the large map image, unfortunately, all too easy - so misinterpretations are virtually inevitable. All My Combinations look inside https://www.fortune-telling-lenormand.com/correspondence-course/ This reference book will bring you within a short time the
07. August 2018
NEW**** BRITTA´S BLOG**** Learn to read the Lenormand Cards like a professional using Britta´s home study course! following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian Russian, English/German, Français/Allemand https://www.fortune-telling-lenormand.com/ About me: sorry, sorry, my English is not very good, but I had all the books translated by professional translators. My cards were also painted by artist. I would be glad if you look at my website and look inside