your lenormand card of the day

In order to find a motto for the day, be forearmed against negative energies, or simply create a little morning routine for yourself, spread out your deck of Lenormand cards, face down, and carefully pick one card.


You can do this every day to help you pracise the meaning of the cards and set the mood for the day to come.



Done?  And scroll down to find the meaning of your card of the day


No 1 Rider
Is there someone you should talk to?
Pluck up your courage and have a few words with him! It is worth it!

No 2 Clover
Today is your lucky day!

No 3 Ship
Time to get out and away from it all!
Have a good stroll in the park or go out and meet some friends!

No 4 House
Have a cosy day at home. Redecorate a room or care about
the ones that make home a special place for you!

No 5 Tree
Stability is what you are looking for.
Sometimes family matters more than friends.

No 6 Clouds

Make no room for misunderstandings today!

No 7 Snake

Keep your powder dry today!

No 8 Coffin

Long forgotten things may come to light today

No 9 Bouquet

A happy and positive day!

No 10 Scythe

Assert yourself today.
Make your point without becoming aggressive!

No 11  Whip

There’s aggression in the air!
Avoid getting into arguments, as they will get you nowhere today

No 12 Birds
Things aren’t easy today.
Take a deep breath and try again!

No 13  Child

Don’t be naive today.
Some things sound too good to be true.

No 14 Fox

Take your chances today.
But be wary; not everybody means well!

No 15 Bear

Somebody needs your help today

No 16 Stars

Listen to your inner voice today.

No  17 Stork
Nothing stays the same, but
certain situations keep coming around again.

No 18 Dog
Somebody needs your friendship today!

No 19 Tower

Work or school seems to be the center of your life today.
Is there something you need to work on?

No 20 Garden

Come out of your shell and meet friends today!

No 21 Berg

You will have to overcome a few obstacles today!
Keep going! It is worth it!

No 22 Paths

Time to make a decision!
Things can only get better if you find a solution and see it through!

No 23 Rat

Be a little careful and think positive today!
Do not let anything take you down!

No 24 Heart
A day to love and be loved!
Listen to your emotions and make decisions
with your heart today!

No 25 Ring

Relationships can and should be strengthened today,
both socially and business-wise.

No 26 Book

Is there something you don’t know or are you keeping a secret?
A day to broaden your horizon!

No 27 Letter

Stop procrastinating today!
Get your papers in order or contact the people
you have wanted to contact for ages.

No 28 Man

Are you male? Then this is your day!
Are you female? Take good care of your partner today!

No 29 Woman

Are you female? Then this is your day!
Are you male? Take good care of your partner today!

No 30 Lily

A day full of excitement!

No 31 Sun

This could be a wonderful day!
Keep up your sunny mood and try to bring some warmth
into other people’s lives

No 32 Moon

Stop worrying today!
You are taking things too seriously.

No 33 Key

Use the energy of this day and make things happen!
Do not wait for others to approach you,
but take the first step in their direction!

No 34 Fish

Keep an eye on your financial situation today

No 35 Anchor

Take things seriously today.
Decisions should not be made light- heartedly,
as they may kick off a string of events.

No 36 Cross

Do not give up and believe in the future!
Hold on to the things you truly believe in.



Brittas deck of Madame Lenormand
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