Advanced to Professional Courses

Check out my unique Lenormand ebooks for the advanced or  professional cartomancer!
 For all those who want to learn more about the famous Lenormand method, gain more knowledge, and toy with the idea of becoming self-employed.

These ebooks will help you shine in every consultation, impress your clients with your accuracy, and expand your skills.

Take a look inside and enjoy riding the road to success!

Professional Cartomancy 1

A professional Guide

A professional guide to cartomancy I: A lavishly illustrated full-color ebook.


* So, you can interpret a constellation of 2, 3 or more cards in a row long as there are not too many funny combinations?

*You basically know how to analyze a complete spread from the first to the last card?

* You have mastered the basics, but are still feeling a little insecure?


 If, when it comes to interpreting a complete spread, you are unsure where to begin and which particular meaning of a card to use, then this book is for you!

This course introduces advanced analyzations and additional meanings.

- more combinations are given, and your “eye” for the cards in context is trained.

You will be given many more combinations and meanings and learn you how to analyze a spread from beginning to end - I have also dedicated a chapter to the difficult art of communicating your clients.


*€ 7.90                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     number of pages: 122

Professional Cartomancy Book 2

The world of Numerology and Healing Crystals

Professional Cartomancy II Book I  - A lavishly illustrated full-color ebook. Numerology , healing crystals and other “Little Helpers”

A quick and and simple guide to numerology and a wide variety of other little  helping hands to broaden your horizons and extend your interpretations using different techniques.

Part I –Numerology- Introduction:

- the digit of your life

- the digit of your year

- Numerology in your cards

- Special Cases:  No 18, No 28 and No 29.

Frequently asked questions:

- your personality in the cards

- your Daily Oracle Card

Part II

- A Fortune Teller’s Resource

- The Power of Healing Crystals

- Special Cards at a Glance, 


*€ 7.90                                                                                                                                                                                                                             numer of pages: 142

Professional Cartomncy 2  - Book2

the world of astrology. chacras, love rituals and tensors

Professional Cartomancy II Book II: A lavishly illustrated full-color ebook.

Astrology, chacras, love rituals, healing crystals and the tensor.


A quick and simple guide to astrology, and a wide variety of other little helping hands to broaden your horizons and extend your interpretations using different techniques


The book was created especially for cartomancers and will therefore differ from your typical astrology book.



- chacras

 - love rituals

 - healing crystals

 - the "Tensor"

 as well as some useful hints - about how to deal with your customers and chose your words wisely.


*€ 7.90                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           number of pages: 97

Lenormand Cartomancy Examination



You have enjoyed working with our books and feel comfortable with your Lenormand cards? Why not use your newly developed skills, acquire a personalized certificate and become a professional cartomancer? Our final examination for cartomancy contains numerous exercises and tableaus. Just answer the questions, mail them back to us and receive your personal professional certificate! 




*€ 49.00

Britta' s deck of Madame Lenormand-style destiny cards

with additional time- and future symbols



*14,90 €