Free Lenormand Practice for Beginners

 Dear fellow cartomancers,

 Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your support and your suggestions! Please feel free to message me whenever you have an idea of how this website could be improved!

Due to popular request, I have decided to make the free exercises a little (a lot, actally) easier, as many of you are beginners and have asked for simple exercises to help you improve your intition and the interpretation of cards in all kinds of constellations and combinations.

September 2019


This month's exercises all deal with the Ship Card!

 Before you start, make sure you remember all the basic meanings of this Lenormand card!

 N0 3, Ship, may efer to any of the following:


  • Travel, Trip
  •  Distance

This month's exercises are all about combining the Shipcard with other cards out of the Lenormand Card deck.

Take a good look at the cards, recall their basic meanings and then try to combine the meanings into one coherent statement.





No 3, Ship: Trip, travel, distance





No 1, Stork: Changes, alterations

No 3, Ship + No 17, Stork     =    Trip, Journey, Travel + Changes


Possible readings:

  •  There might be a change considering the destination.
  •  A trip will change vertain things in your life ( in a full spread, look at the surrounding cards for more information)

Another example:






No 3, Ship: Travel, trip, journey






No 24, Heart: Love

Possible reading:

You (or the person you are reading the cards for) will take a trip and fall in love.

In order to receive further information, we must take a look at the surrounding cards. In this exampe I have extended the line by another card:

Possible reading:

You (or the person you are reading the cards for) will take a trip and fall in love AND keep in contact (exchange numbers or addresses)


Got it? It is your turn then!


Your Interpretation:

Your interpretation:

Your interpretation:

Solutions / my interpretations:




Ship + Scythe:  Even though might actually go on your trip, it will be terminated at some point.




Ship + Fox: Traveller, be wary! You might get lost or hurt.




Ship + Book: This trip is still in the planning stages, you cannot yet say if, when or where you will actually go.



August 2019


This month, I would like to start with the following constellation:





Happiness, chance, good luck, lucky outcome




Home (this could  be your house/flat, your hometown or anywhere you feel at home)




Clover + House


Happiness at home




In the same way we combine the clover cards with any other card in the deck.

Some constellations may be easier than others and immediately catch your eye in a spread, but it is worth practising with all yor cards.





Clover: Happiness, chance, good luck, lucky outcome


Tower: (Place of) Work, official building


Clover + Tower: Happiness at work, promotion, good deal



Clover: Happiness, chance, good luck, lucky outcome


Coffin: Termination


Clover + Coffin: Happiness will come to an end, you are running out of luck



Clover: Happiness, chance, good luck, lucky outcome


Rider: Message, news


Clover + Rider: Good news

Now try the same with all the other cards!


Clover + Child = a happy child

Clover + Scythe = Take care or your happiness will end!

Clover + Rat (sometimes also known as Mice) = Happiness is endangered

Clover + Man = ?

Clover + Heart = ?

Clover + Garden/ Park = ?


Make sure you learn the meanings of each individual card and then follow your intuition as you go along!

I hope these exercises (and the ones still to come) will help you unerstand and interpret your Lenormand Cards.

For those of you who are more advanced and would like to see some more complicated spreads, you can find them here!