Free Lenormand Practice for Beginners

 Dear fellow cartomancers,

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Due to popular request, I have decided to make the free exercises a little (a lot, actally) easier, as many of you are beginners and have asked for simple exercises to help you improve your intition and the interpretation of cards in all kinds of constellations and combinations.

January 2020: The Snake (No 7)


Ever since the first days in the Garden of Eden, the snake has suffered a rather bad fate: Much like her furry counterpart, the fox, the reptile is quasi symbolic for cunning, lies and deceit.


In a deck of Lenomand cards, however, the focus is more on the cleverness and wisdom of these two. But while the fox is seen as male, sneaky and clever business decisions (which might leave you penniless, if made by yor opponent), the snake is female, old and wise.

Granted, this card can be read as sly in negative contexts, but we must not forget that it is also a personality card and usually refers to an older and therefore wiser woman in your life.

So, particularly if you are a beginner and need strict guidelines before letting your imagination and gut feeling run free, this card should be read as:

  • Mother, Stepmother, Aunt or Grandmother
  • a female friend who might well be older than you
  • female colleague
  • Ex-Wife (and here comes the negative connotation:) the „Other Woman“

 As in all the months before, we are going to pick a card and connect it to the Snake Card No 7!

 Make sure you end up with a meaingful statement.

As we already know, the rod means trouble. People are fighting, and in this case, teh older woman is qarrelling with an older man. Depending on the context, those two might well be your parents or grandparents.

In this case, the tower makes it pretty clear, that we are talking about a work colleague.

This colleague is currently experiencing difficulties at the workplace, but as we can already see from the clounds being situated at the end of this line of cards, the problems will dissolve and she will be alright.


Our Lenormand-card for December 2019 is No 6 Clouds


General: A situation is obscure, difficlt to understand, certain things still need clarification


Further possible interpretations for more advanced readings:

  • Characteristics: Obscurities, unclarities, insecurity, mercurial moods
  • Professions: All types of professions that deal with spirituality
  • Chacra: Third Eye, 6th chacra
  • Gemstone/healing stone: rock chrystal


Please note that the meaning of the Clouds card changes significantly when it appears at the end of a line of interpretation!

 In this case the situation shown in the preceeding cards is unstable and – just like cloudy weather- will clear up again and become nil and void.



The Clouds crad shows that something in our lives needs clarification. It might be time to sit the respective person down and talk things over, contact people, stop procrastinating or putting unpleasant mail or situations off. It is time to deal with your fear of the unknown.


Combinations and correlations with other Lenomand cards:

  • No 22 Crossroads

 The classic combo: Not knowing which way to go is something we have all experienced in our lives!



Affirmations/ Things to think about:

Which areas of my life are obscre and need clarification?

What types of situations make me feel insecure?

Is there a person in my life who seems impenetrable?




After stydying the basic meaning of No 6 Clouds, it is time to start combining this card with

Let us briefly recap the basic meanings of the Clouds:

  • obscurities
  • something is invisible/hard to see / hard to understand
  • unclarities, cloudiness
  • misunderstandings


In the following exercises we will combine two and more Lenomand Cards in orde to get a more elaborate picture.


No 3 Ship (travels, trip) + No 6 Clouds


Possible meaning:

  • A trip you have been planning may be cancelled.


  • Something about your trip still needs clarification.

Please remember that the Clouds change their meaning if appeaing at the end of a line of interpretation! Whatever you saw in the line may clear up/be cancelled/be rendered nil and void!


Ring (marriage) + Rider (conversation, message) + Rod (quarrel) + Clouds (dissolution)


Possible meaning:

Disputes between partners will dissolve in the end.


Please note the difference in meaning to the following cards:

secrets/misunderstandings + patnership + conversation + quarrel


Possible meaning:

Secrets or misunderstandings between partners lead to disputes.


Over to you!

Possible solutions can be found at the end of the exercises.


No 34 Fish + No 33 Key + No 12 Birds - No 6 Clouds

Your Interpretation:


No 4 House         +             No 5 Tree              +         No 6 Clouds    +   No 11 Rod

Your Interpretation::


No 5 Tree + No 4 House + No 11 Rod + No 6 Clouds

Your Interpretation::


Suggested Solutions:


No 34 Fish + No 33 Key + No 12 Birds + No 6 Clouds

You must take action in order to solve your financial problems.



No 4 House + No 5 Tree + No 6 Clouds + 11 Rod

In this line, the tree can have 2 meanings:

  • Family
  • Future

Quarels at home (in the future or in your family home) will go by.


No 5 Tree + Nr, 4 House + No 11 Rod + Clouds

There will certainly be problems/quarrels at home (in the future), which will dissolve sooner or later.



This November, let us take a closer look at the Card No. 5 (Tree) !


No. 5 Tree


Basic meaning:

  • Life
  • Roots
  • Family
  • Upbringing
  • Stability



Note that the Tree is also a time- and a future-card!


Further meanings:

  • Health: immune system
  • Features, characteristics, personality: deep-rootedness, love for nature, stability, secrity
  • Time: 9 – 12 months
  • Future: Something is bound to happen
  • Profession: Future work or profession, manual labour, old professions
  • Astrology: Taurus
  • Chacra: Root chacra
  • Gemstone: petrified wood, moss agate, rose quartz
  • Colour: Moss green




As a rule of thumb, the Tree symbolizes anything to do with roots, ancestry and descendance.

The tree refers to family, to our roots, durability and sturdiness.

Keep in mind that things like emotions, beliefs and even sicknesses may be deep rooted inside us.


Combinations and correlations with other cards:


people- or personality cards (excluding the card that represents you or your client) are usually to be interpreted as members of your family.


Nr.7 Snake = mother, No. 15 Bear = father, No. 18 Dog = brother, No. 13 child = either your own child or a younger sibling or cousin.


Questions to ask yourself:

  •  How do I feel about my family? What role do my children, my parents or my partner play in my life?
  • Do I generally feel content and at ease, or do I sometimes feel disrooted?
  • Where do I belong?
  • Who do I feel closest to?


Tree + Flowers


  • Family visit
  • Happy family, lots of family members who like to get together
  • You will certainly visit somebody
  • You will have a big circle of friends i the future (here, the tree is interpreted as a future-card!)

As family:

  • A wealthy family

As a future card:

  • You will be lucky with money in the future.

As certainty:

  • You will certainly be financially successful.

The following cards show clearly how the way in which the tree is read can change the meaning of the line profoundly.

  • As "family": Your family home may be difficult to keep, due to some financial changes (Stork+ Fish = financial changes) for the worse. Take this as a warning!
  • As a future card: You will move house in the future (stork + house = relocation), but watch out, it will be cost intensive.
  • As "certainty": You will certainly have to move , but it will surely be financially straining.

October 2019


So you have already practised the basic meanings of your Lenormand crdas and know them by heart?

Then you already know that the card No 4, House, can have the following meanings:

  • home
  • house
  • safety, cozyness

Unfortunately, the cards practically never show up on their own, which is why we have to interpret them together in the constellations in which they appear.

In this month's exercise, we will combine some of our Lenormand-Cards with No 4, House.


Take a look at the following cards, recall their basic meanings, and combine them to form a meaningful sentence.


No 4, House (home, at home) + No 17, Stork (changes)


Possible interpretation:

There will be some changes at home. In this case we may already say that there will be a relocation or a redecoration, as those two cards form a so-called combination, which (as opposed to a mere constellation) carry a fixed meaning.

No 4, House (home) + No 2, clover (lappiness, luck)


Possible interpretation:

A happy home / Being at home makes you happy.

home + love + communication


Possible interpretation:

You will talk lovingly (or about love) at home.

decisions + home + changes + trouble, arguments, discussion


Possible interpretation:

Decisions regarding a relocation or redecoration are made, which may lead to arguments or trouble, or are carried out without much care for other people involved.

You will remember that the following cards No 4 + 17 are a fixed combination and mean relocation ode redecoration

 Got it? Great, it is your turn then!

Take a look at the following exercises and try to work out what they could try to tell you!


No 4 House + No 31 Sun

Your interpretation:


No 4 House + No 34 Money + No 22 decision

Your interpretation:


No 4 House + No 12 trouble, arguments + 6 clouds

Your interpretation:




Possible solutions:


No 4 House + No 31 Sun

A successful and energetic time at home.


No 4 House + No 34 Money + No 22 decision

There are some financial decisions to be made considering the home.


No 4 House + No 12 trouble, arguments + 6 Clouds

Things may not be at their happiest at home at the moment, but this is a passing situation.



September 2019


This month's exercises all deal with the Ship Card!

 Before you start, make sure you remember all the basic meanings of this Lenormand card!

 N0 3, Ship, may efer to any of the following:


  • Travel, Trip
  •  Distance

This month's exercises are all about combining the Shipcard with other cards out of the Lenormand Card deck.

Take a good look at the cards, recall their basic meanings and then try to combine the meanings into one coherent statement.





No 3, Ship: Trip, travel, distance





No 1, Stork: Changes, alterations

No 3, Ship + No 17, Stork     =    Trip, Journey, Travel + Changes


Possible readings:

  •  There might be a change considering the destination.
  •  A trip will change vertain things in your life ( in a full spread, look at the surrounding cards for more information)

Another example:






No 3, Ship: Travel, trip, journey






No 24, Heart: Love

Possible reading:

You (or the person you are reading the cards for) will take a trip and fall in love.

In order to receive further information, we must take a look at the surrounding cards. In this exampe I have extended the line by another card:

Possible reading:

You (or the person you are reading the cards for) will take a trip and fall in love AND keep in contact (exchange numbers or addresses)


Got it? It is your turn then!


Your Interpretation:

Your interpretation:

Your interpretation:

Solutions / my interpretations:




Ship + Scythe:  Even though might actually go on your trip, it will be terminated at some point.




Ship + Fox: Traveller, be wary! You might get lost or hurt.




Ship + Book: This trip is still in the planning stages, you cannot yet say if, when or where you will actually go.



August 2019


This month, I would like to start with the following constellation:





Happiness, chance, good luck, lucky outcome




Home (this could  be your house/flat, your hometown or anywhere you feel at home)




Clover + House


Happiness at home




In the same way we combine the clover cards with any other card in the deck.

Some constellations may be easier than others and immediately catch your eye in a spread, but it is worth practising with all yor cards.





Clover: Happiness, chance, good luck, lucky outcome


Tower: (Place of) Work, official building


Clover + Tower: Happiness at work, promotion, good deal



Clover: Happiness, chance, good luck, lucky outcome


Coffin: Termination


Clover + Coffin: Happiness will come to an end, you are running out of luck



Clover: Happiness, chance, good luck, lucky outcome


Rider: Message, news


Clover + Rider: Good news

Now try the same with all the other cards!


Clover + Child = a happy child

Clover + Scythe = Take care or your happiness will end!

Clover + Rat (sometimes also known as Mice) = Happiness is endangered

Clover + Man = ?

Clover + Heart = ?

Clover + Garden/ Park = ?


Make sure you learn the meanings of each individual card and then follow your intuition as you go along!

I hope these exercises (and the ones still to come) will help you unerstand and interpret your Lenormand Cards.

For those of you who are more advanced and would like to see some more complicated spreads, you can find them here!