Test Yourself - model answers

June 2019  -  Solutions


The Rod in the vertical line shows all the trouble there has been over the past months. The fact that it is situated directly next to the daughter shows, how difficult thing have been.


The relationship she has with her (mostly absent) father (the Bear), however, seems to be drastically different: The Ship Card symbolizes both the real distance between them, as he does not live with his children, but also the emotional distance, which, in this case, is not a bad thing: It simply means that he is less involved in everyday problems and allows his daughter to have a lot more freedom than her mother does. He seems to have a lot more faith in her abilities than her mother does. And he is right: The daughter is not an irresponsible child who will make every possible mistake on her way: We can see that the Birds, which symbolize worries and cares, are directly above her head, so these things are constantly on her mind.


 The Anchor Card also shows that the father is also somebody she can trust and hold on to, should anything go wrong. This is what she needs at this point in her life: An ocean to explore and a safe haven go go home to.


The Clouds must be seen in two different ways here: On the one hand, this is not a spread on its own, but part of a bigger spread, so it is technically not the end of an interpretation line. Things will remain a little dark and shadowy for a while, but, if we see this as a separate Celtic Cross, we can also safely say that, should the mother understand what is going on and maybe learn from past mistakes, troubles may clear up soon!



April 2019 Solutions:


First and foremost, we should take a look at the manifold combinations:


Letter (writing), Ring (contract) and Tower (official / work) clearly represent a work contract.

Fish (money) and Rat (trouble/ lack of something), however, show us that there are also a lot of financial troubles ahead (Tree read as a future card).

There is clearly something fishy about the payment. Lower wages than at her current place of work would be bad, but would also be stated in the contract. Here, on the other hand, we can clearly see that there are hidden problems the new boss (Snake ) knows about but is trying to smooth over (Fox = cunning).


Fox + Fish = Money scam


Fish + Mice = Loss of money


Tree = future, stability, in the long run = Things will probably look good at first but once they have started going pear-shaped, they will stay that way for a long time.


Unfortunately, the tree is also in one vertical line with the work contract, which means that it might not be easy for our client to get out of this situation quickly, once the contract has been signed.


So, whilst it is more than understandable that a person who is severely unhappy at her job wants to reach for whatever little straw there is coming up, it is , in this case, not advisable to rush things. Sooner or later a better offer will come up.