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Here you will find combinations, small spreads or rows of cards regarding a specific situation.


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June 2019  -  Trouble in the Family

This months's exercise deals with problems within a family: The consultant, a single parent, has two children at puberty. She is especially unhappy with the fact that her ex husband does not support her decisions when it comes to her rebelling daughter.


Obviously, this is a rather complex subject and cannot be dealt with in a quick spread, so I actually dealt a full Grand Tableau plus a number of complementary cards. The Celtic Cross we are using in this exercise is only an extract from this full spread. In this Cross, we are dealing with the relationship between the father and his daughter.

What can you see in this Cross? And how could the mother benefit from what you see?


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April 2019  -  A new Job?

Background information: The person this spread is for has been unhappy at work for some time and is therefore currently looking for a new position.


A few days ago an opportunity popped up basically out of the blue, and she is eager to take it. Unfortunately, the new company is rather small, which sounds like a chance to work more independently, but also means that there are different regulations, so her new job is not as safe as the old one. Also, she feels a little pressurized by her new boss who wants her to sign the contract as soon as possible.


In order to get a little more information, I have decided to do a Celtic Cross with a line of 3 extra cards at the end.

What can we advise her to do?

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March 2019  -  Trouble at home