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Here you will find combinations, small spreads or rows of cards regarding a specific situation.


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March 2019: A new Job?


Background information: The person this spread is for has been unhappy at work for some time and is therefore currently looking for a new position.


A few days ago an opportunity popped up basically out of the blue, and she is eager to take it. Unfortunately, the new company is rather small, which sounds like a chance to work more independently, but also means that there are different regulations, so her new job is not as safe as the old one. Also, she feels a little pressurized by her new boss who wants her to sign the contract as soon as possible.


In order to get a little more information, I have decided to do a Celtic Cross with a line of 3 extra cards at the end.


What can we advise her to do?


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February 2019: Trouble at home

As usual, we imagine a client with a personal problem who is consulting the cards for advice. Although the Celtic Cross we have chosen is a rather simple spread, it can already provide a lot of relevant information.



What can we already say about the situation?

There is a combination in this line that tells us more about this environment. What is it?


Who should the client turn to?

Take a look at the two extra cards: The Lenormand-Moon and the Gipsy-Mask. What can they tell us?


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January 2019 - New Year's Spread (9 cards)

We have risen to the occasion and created a 9-card spread for the new year, and while it is a little more complicated than the usual exercises, if you keep in mind that tis is actually nothing more but an extended Celtic Cross (which means that the most important card in placed in the middle of the spread,) you should be able to master it.

Please stick to  the usual lines (left = past, right = future, above the subject = conscious, in the mind; below = subconscious, unknown)  and you will be astonished how much you will be able to see in the spread!

As usual, you can find our interpretation here!

December 2018


This month's customer is currently experiencing major trouble at work. During this consultation he revealed that things were "bad" to the point where they were affecting him physically. Is there a way out?




Questions on the spread:



  • Which of the cards tell us that there is major trouble at work?
  • Will these things go by?
  • What can we say about the customer's character at first sight (considering that No 11 refers to him as a person as well as to the current situation)?
  • How can the conflicts be solved?



Of course, the rest of the spread will give us a lot more information, but I have decided to use both the gipsy- and the complementary cards in order to get a little more info.


What do these cards tell us?

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November 2018

Take a good look at the cards pictured above and try to answer the following questions:


  • Who is the spread about?
  • What is she thinking about?
  • What can you say about the situation at her workplace?
  • Is it worth trying to make things right again?
  • Can you give her some advice?

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