January 2019 Solutions:


In this spread we can see how the most important card in the centre is surrounded by all those cards that play into the subject, created the situation and arise from it.


This card is the Garden which symbolizes the public, the way people look at you, your public reputation.


The first card, which also determines the spread, is the ship, a journey (probably through life), a  rough, uneven trip so far.


The Woman, our personality card, which refers to the reader, lies directly above the garden, which automatically places the garden below her = in her subconscious. The question of social standing and how one is being judged for their actions plays a vital role in her life.






We can see that this woman's past has bee troublesome and she is looking forward to peace, quiet and a place (whether real or just in her heart) where she can feel at home (house in the future).


Middle: Again things have not been so good. The person's reputation has suffered quite a blow, something has ended, he public reputation has obviously also suffered from this, which is why all her thoughts and worries have to do with this subject. She is eager to be regarded as competent and probably also classy (both of these can be seen in connection with the tree, which symbolizes class, roots, strength, family and competence), something she has not experienced in a while. The future, however, holds a contract, an agreement, probably a new partnership, so there is hope for her.


Down: As we already know, the fear of losing face in public is deep rooted in this person. Whoever she is so eagerly trying to impress should be treated with care: She (the snake normally symbolizes a female character, but could (for lack of other cards) also be interpreted as male) may be an impressive character with a lot of influence ad knowledge, but she also serves in her own best interests. So, beware and do not believe everything she tells you (rider).


December 2018 Solutions:


Which of the cards tell us that there is major trouble at work?


The Mountain following the Tower (Work)  signifies stresses and strains.


Will these things go by?


Not by themselves, no. Like real mountains, they are more than just little obstacles that can easily be passed.


What can we say about the customer's character at first sight (considering that No 11 refers to him as a person as well as to the current situation)?


This man's personality is rather aggressive. Once he feels attacked he tends to lash about and get into arguments.


How can the conflicts be solved?


As the Rider shows, there is only one way to solve the situation: By talking to all the people involved. The fact that the rider ends this line AND follows (= has already overcome the effects of) the Rod, signifies that all his anger and aggression must be left behind at this point.




The Gipsy Card seconds our characterisation of the customer. The old tree is not very flexible and, when turned upside down, instead of growing into the sky, the branches act and look a lot more like roots, showing that he is not willing to move or make concessions.


The key may open doors again, so, in combination with the Rider, there is a good chance of improvement.


November 2018: Solutions


  • Who is the spread about?  > About the woman
  • What is she thinking about? > She is thinking about work
  • What can you say about the situation at her workplace? > There is/has been trouble at work. Things are not going well and there seems to be a lot of infighting at the company.
  • Is it worth trying to make things right again? > She my try, but it won't be easy. As the key suggests, this is a difficult and labour-intensive task. She would also have to put her foot dowm.
  • Can you give her some advice? > It is time to make a decision. She cannot keep things the way they are. As the gipsy-card suggests, this decision must be well thought-out and should not be emotional.