Come, practise with me!

 How many times have you tried to take up cartomancy? And how many times have you given up again?


I remember my first attempts, eager at first, full of hopes and dreams, and then there was the disappointment when all the books I bought showed numerous complicated spreads and systems. I remember trying to position the crads in the shape of a clock and then „opening“ them in a way that was something like clockwise, with 12, 3, 6 and 9 having special emphasis... but I did not learn much about my own, or anybody else's, future, as the spread is not the thing that really matters.


What matters are 3 things:

  1.  The meaning of the individual cards
  2.  The meaning of the cards in their conjunctions and combinations
  3.  The lines of interpretation

The fact that I have always put an emphasis on these three things may be the key to the success of my books: Anybody can make a statement from the cards within their very first lesson.


Let me give you an example:

Look at the following cards:

This card resembles your home. For a more advanced reading the cards can also mean the „home“ of things, the basis, where problems come from, or the place where you feel at ease, but don't let this confuse you. The basic meaning is -and will always be- „home“.

 The rod represents trouble. In contrast to other „trouble-cards“, the rod is an open conflict.

 The clouds are a bit of a special card, as it can have two meanings:

  1.  At he beginning, or within, a line, it means „unclarity, dubiousness, doubt“, whereas
  2.  at the end of a line, it means that whatever was shown previously in the line will clear up.

Now, let's start interpreting:

 The house and the rod tell you that there is trouble at home.

 The following line tells us a little more:

 First, there are obscurities, things that have been left unsaid or are simply dubious and lead to doubt.

 You read the cards from left to right, so the meaning is as follows: Unclarities will lead to trouble at home.


As you can see, the following line consists of the same cards, but the order has been reversed. Remember that the clouds can have two meanings and read as follows:

 At home, there is trouble. But it will all clear up.


See how simple it can be?


I am proud to claim that with the help of my step-by-step self-study courses, anybody can learn to read the cards quickly and accurately!

So keep practising and once a month you will find a free special exercise, which will sometimes be quick and easy, and a little harder at other times, by klicking this link!


One more thing: You will often hear fortune-tellers talk about combinations instead of just constellations or conjunctions. Note that there is a difference as „combinations“ are very special constellations which carry a particular meaning. They are a little bit like phrasal verbs in language. „To crack“ means to break (something), „up“ means an upward motion, but when you „crack somebody up“ you do not break the person upwards, but make them laugh. The same goes for certain combinations of cards. These meanin are so much more than just the cards read in succession.