Bitta's Set of Gipsy Cards - free practice!

Life is not always easy and sometimes it is downright incomprehensible. Seemingly out of the blue we find ourselves in situations we did not see coming; people treat us in ways we fail to understand. What may have happened that has brought this about? Why do people treat us differently all of a sudden?

More often than not we are not even directly at fault. In fact, we may simply have turned up at the wrong place or the wrong time. Other situations, however, result from mistakes we made a long time ago.

 Find out more about the origins of those situations (and consequently also how to make them right again) with the help of Britta's set of Gipsy Cards!


At only € 2.50 for a set of 14 pocket-sized cards our addidional cards provide a practical and very affordable method of expanding your readings. Britta's set of  Gipsy Cards can be obtained here!