Pick a Gipsy Card

Life is not always easy and sometimes it is downright incomprehensible. Seemingly out of the blue we find ourselves in situations we did not see coming; people treat us in ways we fail to understand. What may have happened that has brought this about? Why do people treat us differently all of a sudden?

More often than not we are not even directly at fault. In fact, we may simply have turned up at the wrong place or the wrong time. Other situations, however, result from mistakes we made a long time ago.

 Find out more about the origins of those situations (and consequently also how to make them right again) with the help of Britta's set of Gipsy Cards!


At only € 2.50 for a set of 14 pocket-sized cards our addidional cards provide a practical and very affordable method of expanding your readings. Britta's set of  Gipsy Cards can be obtained here!




How do I pick a Gipsy Card?

Spread your Gipsy Cards outon a flat surface, face down and intuitively pick one card. Then take a look at the descriptions below.


You can do this to expand or clarify the reading you have had using your Lenormand-Cards, Tarot-Deck or any other set of Destiny Cards you may have.
Please note that it makes a massive difference whether a card appears the right way round or upside down!




 Mask - Basic Meaning


Hiding behind a mask can give us a lot of freedom It can help us adapt to changing societies and deal with difficult situations. However, it may also keep people from loving you for who you really are.



 Mask – Upside Down


You cannot please everybody. From time to time we have to take a stand and express unpalatable opinions. Otherwise we might come across as a chameleon, or even dishonest.



Butterfly - Basic Meaning

Nothing in life is constant. Like a butterfly we will go through massive changes, from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly. It may seem scary how nothing stays the same, but isn't the idea of flying around in bright sunshine so much nicer than to keep creeping on the grass for the rest of our lives? What might be important to us today will be replaced by other things soon. Just make sure you still value things while they last.



 Butterfly - Upside Down

Life is full of possibilities. And it is more than unerstandable that we do not want to miss our chances and seize every opportunity. However, only practice makes perfect, and if we are too fickle and superficial, we will never excel in any discipline.



Tree - Basic Meaning


You should never shift an old tree, they say. And with good reason; Stability in life is one of the things that keep us sane and down to earth. Embrace your roots. Flexibility is all well and good, but we cannot and should not adapt to every change.



Tree - Upside Down


There are things we know by heart. We have done them countless times and we do not question the way they have to be carried out. But maybe it is time to break with traditions and give new ideas a try.




Wise Woman- Basic Meaning


There is an important decision to be made? Make sure you take every contributing factor into account. It may be wise to ask people's opinions, even if, or especially if they are not affected by your settlement. Sometimes the view of an outsider exceeds the one of a person involved.

Wise Woman - Upside Down


Do you sometimes feel like nobody is taking you seriously? People do not listen to what you have to say? Nobody likes to feel left out, but some things have to be decided at once and without taking other people's opinions into account.



Ruins - Basic Meaning


Great cultures and powerful citiy states leave their marks behind. The greater the challenge, the greater the need for support, especially if there is a lot at stake.



Ruins - Upside Down


It is never easy to watch things come to an end. Sometimes it is hard to live with somebody who can't let go and wallows in his grief, but you have to cut them some slack. You have been in similar situations before and it is better to grieve too much than to cut things off all too lightheartedly.



Goblet - Basic Meaning


Flexibility is a virtue that is often called for these days, however, if you agree to things you do not fully believe in, or even resort to questionable methods, you might be on the wrong track. Believe in yourself and stand firm in your convictions! You can do it!



Goblet - Upside Down


Sometimes things seem so very clear. We have an intuition and it all seems to fall in place with what we already believe in. This could be a trick of your brain: If things seem all too easy and your beliefs and ideals are not at all criticised, it might be a way of avoiding to call yourself into question.



Raven - Basic Meaning


Did you know that the raven is a symbol for upcoming danger and hidden traps in many cultures? In most sagas and religious tales, it is the refusal to see the warning, that leads to trouble. Of course, you may choose to close your eyes and pretend that all is well, but before you know it, it will be too late.



Raven - Upside Down


Being worried and wary of dangerous situations is a perfectly normal and healthy behaviour. But there comes a point when you allow your fears to rule your life. Not only will you restrict yourself by not going out or avoiding certain situations, you will also make it more difficult for other people in your life to be happy around you.



Flowers - Basic Meaning


No matter how cold and barren the season may seem: There will be a new spring and flowers will come back to life! Everybody suffers backlashes and failures in life, but we have to believe in ourselves and keep going! Sooner or later you, too, will flourish.



Flowers - Upside Down


There is a good and a bad side to everything. Do not let this bipolyrity of life get into you too much. By being happy as Larry one minute and down in the dumps the next, you will make it overly difficult for people to understand your reactions and rely on you as a person.



Clock - Basic Meaning


Are you one of those people who do everything at the very last minute? This method of making a head start, the keep procrastinating until everything has to be done under great pressure is, unfortunately, rather widespread. Try to make it a little easier for everybody around you by following a step-by-step agenda or using a bullet journal.


Clock - Upside Down

 Do you know the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? Many people are constantly in a hurry, every minute of the day has to be filled. Even in their spare-time, they go skiing, gardening, clubbing, not to mention the constant taking of smartphone-snapshots (and their uploading to multiple platforms) so that everybody can see how active they are. Sure, industriousness is seen as a virtue, whereas sloth is a sin, but if you keep up this pace,

you will run through life without actually living it, meet people wihout knowing them, an consequently make yourself ill.



Sword - Basic Meaning


Like King Arthur's Ecalibur or Siegfrieds Notung, every hero needs a sword for protection!

Whenever negative energies get too close and start to weaken you, pull your imaginary magic sword and freate a safe room for you, your family and your dreams. You are stron enough to fight them off!



Sword - Upside Down


Self-protection is all well and good and sometimes it takes a clear cut to make sure you do not get hurt anymore. However, there comes a point when fighting and cutting people off becomes all too easy an will ultimately do more harm than good.



Sunflower - Basic Meaning


Young, powerful, flexible...we all know there terms from advertisements and job ads. But all those alleged advantages are not for everybody. Adapting to constant changes may be the best way to let inconsistency rule your life and career. Also, the people around you may end up finding you unreliable.



Sunflowers - Upside Down


Clearly, sunflowers are among the most prominent, strong and beautiful of flowers. However, they also crowd out smaller plants by taking away their space and nutritients. Make sure you do not fall into the trap of acting selfishly and inconsiderately.



Scales - Basic Meaning


In order to come to a fair decision, all contributing factors have to be weighed carefully. Make sure not to rush things or you might unintentionally hurt people's feelings.



Scales - Upside Down


Being thoughtful and fair in your decisions is one thing, but make sure not to become overly meticulous in taking every word and action too seriously. People make mistakes and are often a little too careless in their remarks. Give them the benefit of the doubt: In most cases they meant no harm.



Water - Basic Meaning


Grief is an important part of making a step towards a new, and hopefully better, future. Sometimes we have to let things die , and coming to terms with the termination of smething that used to mean a lot to us is hard. Take your time, wallow, get angry, go through all those steps of grief and free yourself from the burdens of the past!



Water - Upside Down


Feeling sad, loney or even left out or abandoned is, unfortunately, a perfectly normal thing and happens to everybody from time to time. Just make sure you don't give up and wallow in your sadness or bitterness for too long. There comes a time when you have to get back on your feet and take the next step forward.



Death - Basic Meaning


Some people are simply not good for us. Whilst everybody is worth a second chance, there is a time when we should stop seeing them or at least stop caring about their (often uncalled for) opinions.



Death - Upside Down


The scary thing about death is its finality. Being final in our decisions may seem like a good idea at times, but ultimately a little more flexibility will make sure we do not end up in a dead end.