Test Yourself - model answers

April 2019 Solutions:


First and foremost, we should take a look at the manifold combinations:


Letter (writing), Ring (contract) and Tower (official / work) clearly represent a work contract.

Fish (money) and Rat (trouble/ lack of something), however, show us that there are also a lot of financial troubles ahead (Tree read as a future card).

There is clearly something fishy about the payment. Lower wages than at her current place of work would be bad, but would also be stated in the contract. Here, on the other hand, we can clearly see that there are hidden problems the new boss (Snake ) knows about but is trying to smooth over (Fox = cunning).


Fox + Fish = Money scam


Fish + Mice = Loss of money


Tree = future, stability, in the long run = Things will probably look good at first but once they have started going pear-shaped, they will stay that way for a long time.


Unfortunately, the tree is also in one vertical line with the work contract, which means that it might not be easy for our client to get out of this situation quickly, once the contract has been signed.


So, whilst it is more than understandable that a person who is severely unhappy at her job wants to reach for whatever little straw there is coming up, it is , in this case, not advisable to rush things. Sooner or later a better offer will come up.