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I received your books faster than I would have expected. The material is easy to understand and fun. It is clearer and more useful than the books I have read on the subject so far. I couldn't let it down! You have produced high quality material. You responded quickly to my interrogations and were very nice. Now that I have gone through your books I appreciate the Lenormand cards even more! I'm glad I found you on the web. I highly recommend your course and exam, and I wish you well.

Natalie S.

I received your ebooks and started to learn them, they are great! I never came across such wonderful work! I am learning so much from you with every page! I hope that the ebooks I ordered are all what ypu wrote in this field.

If you think I missed some books plz look at my previous orders and let me know if there other books written by you so that I can order. Last but not least; do you also teach or give courses to people personally? and if the answer is yes could you tell me when and how to join? Thank you

Robert A.

I wanted to learn how to read the Lenormand cards for a long time. I have several books on the subject, but I felt overwhelmed and frustrated with my lack of progress. Then I discovered Britta's courses. I was nervous about purchasing courses from another country, but after I received my first course I knew this was what I had been looking for. Britta's style of teaching makes you feel like she is next to you guiding you through each lesson. It is obvious to me that Britta has put her heart and soul into each page. Even though I have never met Britta, she feels like a friend who really cares about my journey and study with the Lenormand cards. Britta, thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge.                                                                     

Ramona K.

 I have finally found the time to thank you for your lovely books and to let you know how impressed I am by the easy and well-arranged method and the heart warming and entertaining style. I would hardly see them as “normal boring” textbooks, in fact they

are fun to read.

 I  have been interested in cartomancy for many years now and have purchased numerous books by various authors, which may contain a lot of text, but did not prove to be very helpful at all. (…)

 Learning with you is learning with fun!

Max F.

 Dear Brika,

 The Distance learning courses offered by Brika in English is very insightful for the beginner or intermediate card's learner.

 With compare to other Lernomand distance learning course currently offered, Brika's course guides you with step by step, fun and non-tedious learning process, to connect the cards and form your reading.

 As a beginner, the course increase my basic knowledge of how Lernomand Card's Reading is being performed. 8 X 4 Lernormand Layout is explained with great details and with some illustrated examples. You get to learn how to read the past, present and future within the layout - horizontal, vertical or diagonally. Established future card and time card will help you to determining when the event will happen.

Further to this, the cards' combination and practices offered in the course help and boost my confidence in the actually card reading and practice.

Dear Brika,


Anyone interested in learning how to read the Lenormand cards should take Brika's course. The course leads you step by step in learning how to read the cards and how to use the Grand Spread. Her instructions are clear, easy to follow, and you will be reading the cards in a very short time. She has a number of PDF books, which I feel should be purchased in order to really be able to read the cards. She takes things a little steps, making it so easy to grasp the theories of the card reading.

I have studied these cards for a number of years, and have taken another course online and read the only book in English on them. Brika's course, for me, is the best one. Brika gives you a foundation on which to build your knowledge and to make the cards your own.